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Since she was a little girl, Dana remembers observing the way people spoke to each other always wondering “why are we emotionally impacted by the behavior of others?”

Growing up as a high level athlete she also learned the important role emotions play in affecting an athlete’s performance during races and competitions. Psychology courses that she took at university, she found did not speak to her in practice, nor did they grab her attention or heart.

Following several unexpected life events - a talented skier expecting to turn pro, her life plan was shattered following a devastating car accident that left her unable to get back on the slopes; and after her son’s close-call while skiing - Dana found she was anxious and wracked with fear, debilitated by the trappings of her mind. It was from these experiences that she began developing the “Well Managed Mind” system. Losing her husband at a young age, she experienced first hand the strongest emotional suffering - grief.

Building on 30 years of research and study on how negative emotions can limit a person’s ability to achieve a happier and more successful life, Dana combined elements of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Western psychology, self-talk and visualization to develop the “Well Managed Mind” system.

The system shifts your mind faster than any other meditation techniques: results are quick and even instant. By learning how to eliminate negative emotions - your thoughts and body release the stress; emotions can cause, you not only reprogram your pain, anger, fear or guilt, you also significantly improve your current relationships with other people. The science and evidence-based process, tools and strategies have been used by clients for years with extraordinary success.

Her bestselling book Well Managed Mind: “The Ultimate Guide to Empower Yourself and get what you want in life” is an overview of what the “Well Managed Mind” system can do for you; it shows you how to overcome persistent triggers such as anger, fear, and guilt so you can emerge confident and reach your true potential.

Reviews for Previous Clients

When it comes to emotional reprogramming Dana Ritchie is the master coach. Now with "WELL MANAGED MIND", she gives exact structure how to successfully let go of our unwanted past memories by changing our subconscious patterns. Her strategies are both revolutionary and Highly effective.

Caroline Aslanian, Holistic Nutritionist, Speaker, & #1 International Best Selling Author, BareFoodAngel.com

“Well Managed Mind” is so much more than just a book, it is a step-by-step guide on how to change your brain functions. In it Dana shows you how to adjust your emotional well being and overcome persistent triggers such as anger, fear and guilt so you can live up to your true potential. The evidence-based process, tools and strategies of "WELL MANAGED MIND" have been used by clients for years with extraordinary results. It is a must read for anyone wanting to transcend their emotional shackles and emerge confident and capable of living a purposeful and joyous life.

Kirstin Nussgruber, CNC, EMB, bestselling author of “Confessions of a Cancer Conqueror – My 5 Step Process to Transform Your Relationship with Cancer”

If I could recommend only one book on how to gain confidence in yourself, eliminate doubt, fear and overwhelm, "WELL MANAGED MIND" would be that book. For anyone who wants to be free of the nagging voice inside of you, Dana Ritchie gives you a map to make it happen.

Michael Grossman, MD, Author of the Magic of Stem Cells: activating your own healing power, Medical Director of OCwellness.com

"Well Managed Mind" System helped me learn how to protect myself from negative energy of other people. I was also able to dispel doubt and create a new path. WMM allowed me to get rid of the fear of not having enough money and opened my brain to possibilities. Our weaknesses bring negative emotions into our lives & WMM is the best system to show you how to eliminate them and how to reprogram the stress they cause.

Susana Yim, Dana Ritchie’s Team Coach and Facilitator

While so many entrepreneurs have fear of failing in business, Dana Ritchie has a guide that produces real results. "Well Managed Mind" will change how you think about your emotions forever.

Ludmila Rogoski, On-line Marketing Consultant, Public Speaker, Empowered Mompreneur

Dana’s book, "Well Managed Mind", is not only for people who wish to live their very best life, it is so much more. It will teach you about the principles behind the things that have been holding you back, along with self care and how to experience authentic personal freedom, If you are struggling with finding happiness, and are ready to finally overcome those blocks to feeling fully alive, this is the book for you. If you are ready to empower yourself by changing your inner dialogue, you definitely want to pick up this book and read it now!

Darcy Sweeney, Founder & CEO, Life Design Mastery