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Well Managed Mind - Step by Step Program

That Fixes Your Emotion Within 30 Minutes

By Dana Ritchie

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Well Managed Mind


how does it work?

3-Step Process

The system of Well Managed Mind centres around the this 3-step process, which help you to reconcile with your past, prevent anxiety from dominating your life in the present and release the worry from your future.

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Why You Should Trust Us


Well Managed Mind

Well Managed Mind is a unique guide to self-empowerment for people who face a daily struggle against deeply-rooted feelings of negativity.

understand anxiety

Understand Anxiety

You will learn how to identify your anxieties at their source.

overcome anger

Overcome Anger

You will develop ways of overcoming the fear and anger in your life.

support community

Support Community

You will belong and have access to a support-community of like-minded people.

regular guidance

Regular Guidance

You will have training and meetings with our founder, Dana, and benefit from her teaching and insights.

No Escape

No Escape

Fear, anger, stress, and guilt will continue to run your life.

No understanding

No Understanding

You will never fully understand why you experience negative emotions.

Constant Struggle

Constant Struggle

You will go on fighting your negative emotions unsuccessfully, and without support.

Missing Insight

Missing Insight

You won’t get the benefit of Dana Ritchie’s unique way of belonging and training.


Our Founder


What do other People Say

Read what some of our success stories have to say about the Well Managed Mind programs.

Program was great! Well Managed Mind system made me more aware of how I communicate. It had an impact on every area of my life and the positive changes are still showing up. I love the confidence and clarity I gained
Challenging tasks I had to deal with few months ago are easier to handle. My road is much nicer to walk on. I have been fan of Dana’s reprogramming for a while and I am beginning to understand the whole concept now. My self growth has been tremendous
I made a commitment to myself to change my life. First I thought I cannot reprogram on my own, it seemed easier when Dana walked us through it. But I tried and despite my negative mind I started having noticeably more confidence at work and also at home. The support given is amazing and the home works take no time, they are fun
I was sceptical at first. Then I decided to put all the tool into practice and it worked. My awareness of how my mind talks to me all day made all the difference in the world for me. Now I can shift it right away. What I loved most about the course was the positive energy we all had on the weekly calls
I was anxious and had panik attacks regularly. The program gave me a great support and successful transition in my personal life and workplace. The system is very practical, clear and easy to follow. It definitely enhanced my confidence
My first reaction about the course was: I did not want to go to my past and get afraid about stuff I haven’t thought about in years. It was nothing like that. It was all positive and I realized that the best gift I gave myself was taking this course
The course has given me an overall confidence specially when talking to others and I am really organized at work now. Any unexpected situation coming my way - I can deal with and reprogram instantly
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